The Settings window allows the customisation of various aspects of FileSieve.
These settings are global and are not saved on a per-profile basis.


The Interface tab contains settings pertaining to the user interface of FileSieve.

  • Indicate Errors During Processing by Animating the Log Button.Default: enabled
  • The Log link within the main window (bottom-left) will animate if there was an error encountered during processing. Clicking on or hovering over the Log link will stop the animation.

  • Show the System Tray IconDefault: disabled
  • Displays the FileSieve icon within the Windows system tray. The icon allows quick access to FileSieve and the ability to start Profiles.

  • Ctrl+W in the main window exits FileSieve.Default: disabled
  • If enabled, pressing the Ctrl+W key combination while the main window has focus will cause FileSieve to exit.

  • Check for Updates Once a Week.Default: enabled
  • If enabled, FileSieve will perform an automated check at startup every seven (7) days to see if there is a new version available.

    Please note that absolutely no information is sent to the server; FileSieve connects via HTTP just like a web-browser does (but FileSieve sends much less data than a browser - nothing, in fact) to retrieve the latest version number and prompt you if it is newer than the version you are currently running.

    The prompt - if there is a newer version - shows you the changelog for the new version, along with a Download button. Clicking Download will download the installer for the new version (again, just like a web-browser; there is no "hidden" data being exchanged) and then launch it. You'll need to exit FileSieve for the installer to continue.


    The automated update checking simply automates the process of clicking the Check for Updates link within the Welcome section of the main window.


The Items tab contains settings pertaining to source items.

  • Show the Full Path of Source Items within the Source List.Default: disabled
  • Instead of showing just the last folder of a source item within the Source Items list, enabling this will show the entire path.


The Processing tab contains settings pertaining to the processing of items.

  • Pre-allocate file destination disk space before copyingDefault: enabled
  • When a file is about to be copied, enabling this option will cause FileSieve to reserve disk space for the entire size of the file before copying starts. This results in a performance increase as the destination file does not need to keep being resized to accommodate the growing size, and significantly decreases file and disk fragmentation.

  • Play Beep Sound if Main Window is inactive after ProcessingDefault: enabled
  • If you would like an audible notification that processing has completed, enable this option and FileSieve will play the standard Windows notification sound.

  • Add Memory and CPU Usage to log before and after ProcessingDefault: enabled
  • If you're interested in seeing FileSieve's resource usage before and after a sieving process (or will be submitting the log to the developer; hi - that's me, that is!), enable this option. The information will be added to FileSieve's log window under the Debug category.


The Account tab contains settings pertaining to additional services offered to non-Free Edition users of FileSieve.

Currently, the only additional feature that ties in with your account is feedback. If you submit feedback directly via FileSieve itself and you've entered your API Key, your feedback will be linked to your account so you can keep track of it and its status.

  • API Key
  • This is your account's API Key as generated from the Account section of your... account. While you can change your Key at any time via the Account website, you'll need to update it from within FileSieve.

    • Verify
    • Once you have entered your API Key, you can then click the Verify button to ensure that it is correct.


      Please don't perform too many verification checks as you may be temporarily blocked from the web-service.


The Advanced tab contains settings that are for "advanced" users, or are simply considered obscure.
Click on any item within the grid to see its description underneath.


Any changes made to any items within the Advanced grid are immediate. Clicking on Cancel will not undo those changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unless stated otherwise, these keyboard shortcuts are global to the entire window; pressing them regardless of which control is active will cause them to trigger.

  • F1, Help
  • Displays this page of the documentation.

  • F2
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Interface tab.

  • F3
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Items tab.

  • F4
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Processing tab.

  • F5
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Account tab.

  • F6
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Advanced tab.

  • F11
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Save button.

  • F12
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Cancel button.