Trigger: Directory Watcher

Waits for any file or directory changes and then starts processing the specified Profile(s).

The Directory Watcher allows you to specify if Source Items should be watched, or any other arbitrary location.

  • Watch List
  • The list of locations that are being watched. Unchecking a watched location will disable that watched location and can be enable again at any time.

    • Add Item
    • Adds a new watch item to the list.

    • Remove Item
    • Removes the selected watch item from the list.

    • DelayDefault: 5
    • When a change has been detected in a location, this is how long to wait until processing is started on the specified Profile. This value is specified in seconds.

      This prevents a flurry of attempts to start a Profile processing should there be a lot of changes within a location being made in a short period of time.

  • Path
  • The location that should be watched for changes.

  • Path - Source Items
  • The current list of source items as specified within the current Profile.

    Directory Watcher doesn't automatically watch the paths specified within the current Profile; only the paths listed within the above list. To watch any source items, you will need to add them to the list.

  • Path - Directory Browser
  • Use a directory browser to select the path.

  • FilterDefault: <empty>
  • Specifies which file and directory names should trigger the Directory Watcher. To watch all changes in files and directories, leave the Filter value empty.

    To watch for changes in a file called MyFile.mp3, set the Filter value to MyFile.mp3; setting the Filter value to *.mp3 will watch for any files that have the .mp3 extension.

    The supported wildcards are detailed below, and more information can be found here.

Filter value Watches for the following
*.* All files/directories. Same effect as an empty value.
*.txt All files ending with the .txt extension.
*music.mp3 All files ending in music with a mp3 extension.
MyFile.jpg Only watches MyFile.jpg.
IMG_2017????_??????.* Watches for any files that start with IMG_2017, followed by any four characters, an underscore, another six characters, and finally any file extension. This format is typically used by images taken with a camera/phone.
  • Include Sub-Directories
  • If enabled, all directories below the specified Path will also be watched.

  • Changes to Watch For
  • These flags specify which type of changes the Directory Watcher should watch for. More information can be found here.

    • Attributes
    • The file-system attributes of the file or directory.

    • Creation Time
    • The time the file or directory was created.

    • Last Write
    • The time the file or directory had anything written to it. This is the flag to use when watching for any newly-created files or directories.

    • File Name
    • The name of the file.

    • Directory Name
    • The name of the directory.

    • Size
    • The size of the file or directory.