The Jobs window allows the batch processing of multiple Profiles.

Clicking on the Jobs link at the bottom-left of the main FileSieve window will display a new window that can be used for adding existing profiles to the Jobs list. The Jobs list allows the processing of multiple profiles without the need of any user intervention to manually start the subsequent profile after the previous one has completed.

Once Run has been clicked, FileSieve will then process each profile in-turn, one at a time, until all profiles have been processed.

This feature is limited to the Enterprise Edition of FileSieve.


The list of jobs, along with controls for adding, removing, and moving their ordering.

  • Jobs List
  • The list of jobs that have been set. A job will only run if it is valid and it has a checkmark next to it within the list. All other jobs will be ignored. Jobs are run one at a time and in a top-to-bottom order.

    The Jobs list and its state is remembered between FileSieve sessions.

  • Add Profile
  • Displays a dropdown menu with a list of all available Profiles. Selecting a Profile will add it to the Jobs List and automatically enable it. The same Profile can be added multiple times.

  • Remove
  • Remove the selected Job from the list.

  • Move Down
  • Moves the selected Job down one place.

  • Move Up
  • Moves the selected Job up one place.

  • Run
  • Performs a Verify check on all Profiles, and then runs them in a top-to-bottom order (the Profile at the top runs first, and then the next one, and so on until the very last Job at the bottom of the list) one at a time. The status of the running Job is shown on the same line as the Job entry itself.

    When running Jobs, the main window will update as normal showing the progress of the current Job.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unless stated otherwise, these keyboard shortcuts are global to the entire window; pressing them regardless of which control is active will cause them to trigger.

  • F1, Help
  • Displays this page of the documentation.

  • F5
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Run toolbar button.

  • Delete
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Remove toolbar button.

  • F12
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the window's close button.