Modifier: Attributes

Modifies the filesystem attributes of files after they have been processed into their source director(y/ies).

  • Attributes
  • These are the attributes that should be set on each file that is processed by the active Method.

    These descriptions are taken from the MSDN documentation.

    • ReadOnly
    • The file is read-only.

    • System
    • The file is a system file. That is, the file is part of the operating system or is used exclusively by the operating system.

    • Hidden
    • The file is hidden, and thus is not included in an ordinary directory listing.

    • Encrypted
    • The file or directory is encrypted. For a file, this means that all data in the file is encrypted. For a directory, this means that encryption is the default for newly created files and directories.

    • Compressed
    • The file is compressed.

    • Indexed
    • The file is to be indexed by the operating system's content indexing service.

    • Offline
    • The file is offline. The data of the file is not immediately available.

    • Temporary
    • The file is temporary. A temporary file contains data that is needed while an application is executing but is not needed after the application is finished. File systems try to keep all the data in memory for quicker access rather than flushing the data back to mass storage. A temporary file should be deleted by the application as soon as it is no longer needed.

    • Archive
    • The file is a candidate for backup or removal.