When a command finishes running or a property is set, a result is returned that denotes if the action was successful. While you won't be directly interacting with these results, it'll give you a bit of insight into what FileSieve does during the Automation process when it encounters these results.

  • Success
  • The command completed successfully; no errors were reported.

  • SoftFail
  • The command failed to perform its action. While this is of course an unwanted outcome, it's not critical to the current automation; the automation can typically continue without any ill effects.

  • HardFail
  • This is an outright fatal error that will likely affect the outcome of the current automation process.

    Because of this, FileSieve will abort automation and exit with an exit code. While this can be overridden so it doesn't abort, it's probably recommended that automation should be aborted as the outcome of further automation cannot be determined.