All documented changes that have been made to the FileSieve 4 software after the first v4 public release are detailed below.

v4.61 : 22nd April, 2022.

FileSieve is now a 64-BIT process; 32-BIT systems are no longer supported.
Added HEIC support to the EXIF method. [more]
Added additional JPG file extensions to the EXIF method.
Added Remove Unused Codes to the EXIF method.

v4.60 : 16th September, 2021.

Various changes and improvements to the new Regex Editor.
Inserting a Source Item test data without any items in the Regex Editor resulted in the textbox no longer drawing.
Fix for crash within RemoveEmptyDestination() if no items processed. [more]
Email addresses in some Method/Modifier plugins were outdated.

v4.59 : 12th April, 2021.

%destination code to Destination editor. [more]
Validation checking to Substring method. [more]
Validation checking to Classification method. [more]
Validation checking to Attributes modifier. [more]
Made various windows resizable. [more]
Made various columns sortable. [more]
Remember column sizes. [more]
Tentative fix for a possible crash during processing. [more]

v4.58 : 7th February, 2021.

Option to Source Item Editor to disable file existence check during processing. [more]
Crash if a file doesn't exist between pre-scanning and actual processing. [more]
Method: Batched A-Z has been rewritten and now performs as expected. [more]
Redesigned the Simulation view. [more]
Source Item Editor Rules list supports multi-select and added Clear button. [more]
Reduced resource usage. [more]
Removed all FileSieve "next-gen" UI previews.
Updated all links to use the new FileSieve Github tracker.

v4.57 : 11th May, 2020.

Hashing to destination %codes%. [more]

v4.56 : 8th May, 2020.

Method: Batched A-Z.
Method: Checksum. [more]
Various minor interface improvements.

v4.55 : 20th March, 2020.

Progress during the initial file scanning stage. [more]
Initial file scanning can be paused and aborted. [more]
Option to Source Item Editorr to disable encoding %codes%. [more]
Maximum File Count to Source Item Editor to limit files processed. [more]
Copy menu item to Simulation window list context menu.
Crash when setting the Root Destination via the folder browser button. [more]
Classification editor wasn't always hiding the No Items banner. [more]
Default Get Files Mode for source items changed to Burst for a huge performance improvement.
Faster %codes% literal replacement.
Updated operating system requirements to Windows 10 or higher.
Various internal performance improvements.

v4.54 : 13th April, 2020.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.54 license!
Destination %codes%. [more]
Disabling of checking for the Destination being a Source Item to Settings - Items. [more]
Duplicate feature to Profile Manager. [more]
Duplicate feature to Source Items. [more]
Interface Test to the Extra menu for licensed users to try.
Crash when exporting an empty Source Item Rules list. [more]
Certain key combinations interfering with text input in the Destination window.
Rewritten the Source Item Editor - Preview tab results to be more hierarchical. [more]
Multiple destination Copy Mode notice now only shown when relevant. [more]
Updated interface elements, tooltips, and mnemonics.

v4.53 : 13th March, 2020.

Attempted fix for deleting empty folders issue. [more]
Post-Process garbage collection could happen more than once.
Multiple items can now be multi-selected and edited at the same time in the Destinations window.
Minor interface changes.

v4.52 : 5th March, 2020.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.52 license!
Command-line support was broken. [more]
Restoring a back-up gave an error. [more]
Potential issue with license not loading correctly.

v4.51 : 25th January, 2020.

Date-Time Editor, accessible where appropriate (and in Extras menu). [more]
Regex Editor, replacing the existing tester. WIP. [more]
Method: Delimiter was missing from the installer.
Method: EXIF wasn't filling out the %ImageHeight% tag value. [more]
Method: Attributes ignore checkbox was sometimes being disabled. [more]
Issues with some Methods context menu tag codes being selected. [more]
Show help if license couldn't be loaded. [more]

v4.50 : 2nd January, 2020.

FileSieve 4.50 and above now requires .Microsoft .NET 4.8.
Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.50 license!
Create Folders copy mode. [more]
Method: Parent Rename. [more]
Prevent System Shutdown option to Settings - Processing. [more]
Admin badge within Introduction area if FS is running with admin privileges (can be disabled in Settings - Advanced - Interface).
Plugin changes for future expandability. [more]
License plugin is no longer just ignored if broken due to breaking changes / being outdated; user is now notified.
Enhanced functionality to the Standard A-Z method. [more, more]
Enhanced functionality of the DateStamp modifier. [more]
Reduced the amount of disk access when creating new directories.
Additional logging upon I/O errors. [more]
Huge, far-reaching rewrites to underlying dependencies - please report any issues, however minor.
Significant number of "code correctness" changes to FileSieve and its dependencies.
Code optimisations (specifically string manipulation) for almost all Methods/Modifiers.
Numerous code optimisations for performance and memory reduction.

v4.41 : 17th November, 2018.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.41 license if you get a crash at startup!
ConfirmCleaning to Settings - Advanced.
Attempted crash fix when accessing Backup/Restore in non-Free Edition.
Crash when dragging and dropping a file into the Source Items list.
Various interface fixes.
Fixed all keyboard mnemonics on all windows. [more]
Completely rewritten update checker. [more]
Completely rewritten error handler. [more]
Completely rewritten logging window. [more]

v4.40 : 13th September, 2018.

Automation commands: LoadSources, SetMethod, SetModifiers, ClearModifiers, SetWindowLocation. [more]
Context-menu to steps menu for setting default step at startup.
Performance improvements to all file and simulation processing.
Log window crash if Windows visual styles are disabled.
During profile verification, the destination being in the source list could cause a crash in rare cases.
Cleaning a Profile could sometimes result in a crash.
Excluding items from the Simulation window now updates the Source Item Ignored column.
Removed duplicate Uninstall FileSieve entry from Start Menu.

v4.39 : 2nd September, 2018.

Added Items to processing statistics display.
Verify Profiles to the Jobs window.
Significant performance increase to the Copy copy mode.
Improved tooltip descriptions.
Attempted fix for a crash at application shutdown.

v4.38 : 14th August, 2018.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.38 license!
UNC paths specified via the commandline weren't handled correctly.
Large, sweeping code improvements and updates.
Changed Forum link in About section to link to the FileSieve sub-reddit.

v4.37 : 13th August, 2018.

Version number 4.37 skipped to keep parity with license.

v4.36 : 29th May, 2018.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.36 license!
FileSieve 4.36 and above now requires .Microsoft .NET 4.7.2.
Modifier: Date Stamp.
Overwrite Options to Step 2 - Destination before running overwrite rules.
Is Network Available is/is not modifier to Profile Manager Conditions.
Additional codes to the Overwrite Rules Editor. Some existing codes have changed!
File Attributes to the Extras menu.
RenameMaskLoopLimit to Settings - Advanced.
Tooltips to the Method and Modifier Information window.
Overwrite Rules were incorrectly generating the renaming mask.
Source Item - Maximum Filesize sometimes reverted back to 0 instead of -1.
Method/Modifier version numbers were incorrect.
Source Item - Minimum Filesize changed from 1 (one) to 0 (zero) by default.
Speed improvements to applying overwrite rules.
Extensive internal code clean-ups and improvements.

v4.35 : 17th January, 2018.

Licensed Users: Please download the updated 4.35 license!
Improvements to the Language Editor tool.
GarbageCollectionBreakPoint to Settings - Advanced.
Attempt at fixing an outright crash when hitting the 3GB 32-BIT application memory limit.
Errors within some tooltips.

v4.34 : 6th December, 2017.

Preallocate Disk Space to Settings - Processing.
PromptBeforeProfileCleaning to Settings - Advanced.
Enhanced tooltips for all Methods and Modifiers.
Additional mnemonics to various controls.
Improvements to the Language Editor tool.

v4.33 : 26th November, 2017.

CopyBufferSize, DirectoryWatcherBufferSize, ProcessingPriority, SourceItemRootDriveCheck, PerformGarbageCollectionAfterProcessing, DeleteEmptySourceItemSubFoldersWhenProcessingComplete commandline parameter properties to Automation.
LogStatistics, BeepIfWindowInactive commandline parameter properties to automation.

v4.32 : 22nd November, 2017.

Windows Explorer Shell context menu support. See Settings - Interface.
/clearsources and /sources commandline parameters to automation.

v4.31 : 27th October, 2017.

Additional shortcut keys to various windows.
Additional mnemonics to various controls.
No enabled rules within the Overwrite Rules Editor resulting in a crash.

v4.30 : 22nd October, 2017.

StatisticsUpdateInterval to Settings - Advanced.
ProcessingPriority to Settings - Advanced.
"This does something" always appearing in the main window's banner.
Further expanded tooltips with more information.

v4.29 : 21st October, 2017.

Import and Export to the Source Item Editor.
Tooltips to the Processing section to explain what each statistic means.
Enhanced tooltips and expanded current tooltips with more information.
You'll be asked if you want an auto-rule created for Source Items without any rules.
EXIF method now checks for both JPG and JPEG files, and of any case.
Performance improvements to string handling across the entire application.

v4.28 : 13th October, 2017.

Update check interval wasn't easily changeable.
Toolbars no longer appear colourised with the system's accent colour.
Some plugins had incorrect version numbers.

v4.27 : 10th October, 2017.

Exclude from Future Processing to the Simulation window's right-click menu.
The Regex Tester is now pre-populated with the regex from the appropriate parent textbox.
Performance improvements to the Send Feedback window.
Removed numerous erroneous dependencies.

v4.26 : 18th September, 2017.

File sizes above 4GB were being incorrectly calculated (to always be 4GB).
FileSieve wasn't auto-closing when a new update had been downloaded.
Improvements to the Tag method.

v4.25 : 28th August, 2017.

Additional logging information when a file fails to copy or move.

v4.24 : 16th August, 2017.

Crash when enabling portable mode via the command-line.

v4.23 : 7th August, 2017.

AutomationStartupDelay setting to Settings - Advanced.
Automation section to Documentation.
General improvements to Automation.

v4.22 : 1st August, 2017.

Double-clicking a plugin in the Installed Plugins list shows its information.
External file automation via the AutoFile command for Home and Enterprise Editions.
AutoFile and Wait commands to automation.
The Start Automation command now waits for processing to complete before continuing.
General improvements and fixes to the Regex Tester.
General improvements to Command-line Automation.

v4.21 : 29th July, 2017.

Compatibility with all previous plugins has been broken - update your license, if required!
FileSieve 4.21 and above now requires .Microsoft .NET 4.7.
Windowstate, Profile, Destination, Copymode, and Start commandline automation support. See Commandline.

v4.20 : 16th July, 2017.

This release is dedicated to Gia.
Invalid Filename Editor to the Source Items tab in the main window (Invalid Names... link).
Profile Cleaning to Step 1 - Source Items in main window.
Minimum and Maximum Filesize to Source Item Editor - Options.
Support for long path and file names on properly-configured Windows installs.
Modifier Find Replace: Presets drop-down to the menu .
Method Tag: File sub-menu to Tags menu.
RememberLastAddedSourceItemPath to Settings - Items window.
Reset to Default to EXIF and Tag Methods.
Method and Modifier settings weren't being loaded correctly.
Sequential double-path separators are now removed from processed items.
Any leading path separators are now removed from processed items, keeping them absolute paths.
Sequential double-path separators are now removed from processed items.
Modifier Find Replace: Now ignores the root Destination when applying changes.
Method Tag: Multiple genres are now being correctly delimited, and various other fixes.
Method Tag: All OS-illegal characters as genre delimiters are substituted.
Significant performance improvements to the loading and saving of settings.
All Methods now display configured settings as a string in the Options tab.
Increased height of Settings window.

v4.19 : 20th June, 2017.

Method: Mirror.

v4.18 : 2nd June, 2017.

Run Applications Before/After Profile Processing to the Profile Manager.
A window to help diagnose any problems with missing plugins (install FS as Admin!).
Additional Profile (regular expression) verification checks before processing.
Rules regular expression verification check in Source Item Editor when Verify is clicked.
The Profile Manager wasn't saving any changes made.
Rare error relating to settings if a plugin is missing.

v4.17 : 26th May, 2017.

Drag and drop to all relevant ListViews; up/down arrows have been removed.
Support for long path and filenames. You may need to use the Windows Policy Editor to fully enable it.
Purge within the Destinations window didn't work correctly.
Error when quickly Starting/Stopping/Starting processing.
Rare Method Not Found errors.

v4.16 : 20th May, 2017.

Files can be dragged and dropped into the EXIF/Tag viewers in the EXIF and Tag methods.
Drag and drop sometimes failing in the Classification method.

v4.15 : 29th April, 2017.

Added drag and drop the the Classification method.
Added Folders menu to the Classification method window menu.
Added additional command-line parameters.
Rare crash if a plugin for the active Method is missing.
Enhancements to the Interface and Language Editors for Home and Enterprise editions.

v4.14 : 13th April, 2017.

Rare crash during processing involving the progress bar.
Eliminated unnecessary Profile saving during start-up.

v4.13 : 1st April, 2017.

Added Conditions to the Profile Manager for Home and Enterprise Editions.
Added Directory Watcher trigger.
Minor interface fixes and changes.
FileSieve now requires version 4.6.2 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

v4.12 : 18th March, 2017.

Added Profile Triggers to the Enterprise edition.
Creating a new Profile named "New Profile" resulted in its filename not being correct.

v4.11 : 23rd February, 2017.

Added Load/Save to Find Replace Modifier.
Log window metrics are now saved.

v4.10 : 13th January, 2017.

Regex Tester, along with integration with any Regex-enabled textboxes.
The number of days between each start-up update check can be customised via Settings - Advanced.
Changed Regex substitution pipe | character to dollar symbol $.

v4.09 : 23rd December, 2016.

Modifier: Find Replace.
Replace Slash Characters in Genre option to Tag method.
Any leading slashes are now removed from naming masks.
Crash during Verify Settings for Attributes modifier.

v4.08 : 19th December, 2016.

Keyboard shortcuts and tooltips to the Source Item Editor.
Methods/Modifiers now close any windows they open in the Method/Modifier selection window.
Crash when selecting the EXIF method.
Crash when double-clicking a tag field within the Tag Viewer of the Tag method.
Crash during Verify Settings for Find Replace method.

v4.07 : 15th December, 2016.

Compatibility with all previous plugins has been broken - update your license, if required!
Entirely rewritten Source Item Editor, with new features.
Verify Settings to Methods and Modifiers windows.
Preliminary command-line documentation.
Log button now notifies you about any errors during startup.
Added link to FileSieve tracker website on Welcome page.
Method: Tag not creating sub-directories.

v4.06 : 17th October, 2016.

Method: Attributes.

v4.05 : 13th October, 2016.

Note: Redownload your license installer for access to the Extras menu.
Method: Find Replace.
Purge to the Destination Window.
Extras menu to the main window for Home/Enterprise Editions.
Documentation link for Attributes was incorrect.
Help button in Method/Modifier window now displays help for the selected plugin.

v4.04 : 6th October, 2016.

Jobs (batch processing) to the Enterprise Edition.
The size of columns in all listviews is now persisted.
If processing was paused, FileSieve didn't unset it after processing.
Rare crash if processing is first paused and then stopped.
Clicking on the Copy Mode link in the Review Settings section now displays a menu of modes.
Prompt when exiting Filesieve while still processing.
Method: Tag. Removed Test File as it served no purpose.

v4.03 : 4th October, 2016.

Method: Audio Tag.
Internal code changes in preparation for batch processing.

v4.02 : 22nd September, 2016.

Method: EXIF.
New custom folders to Standard A-Z Method for certain character "classes".
Check for Updates Once a Week to Settings - Interface.
Check for Update was renaming the FileSieve installer to .zip if an update was available.

v4.01 : 14th September, 2016.

Modifier: Attributes.
Right-click context menu to the Simulation listview.
Home/Enterprise Editions: More options to Step 2 - Overwrite Rules "If no rules match" setting.
New month & day formatting to the DateStamp Method plugin.
Filtering to the Simulation window.
EnableTaskbarProgress to Settings - Advanced; set to False if FileSieve's UI stays disabled after processing has completed. [more]
Method: DateStamp LastAccess times were returning LastWrite time values.

v4.00 : 26th August, 2016.

First public release of the v4.00 series of FileSieve.