Method: Extension

Creates a directory named after an item's extension and places the item within that directory.

  • Include the Full-Stop
  • Enabling this option will cause each directory that is created to start with a full-stop character.

  • Remove Extension From Processed Items
  • Items that have been processed into a directory (excluding the catch-all) will have their extension removed (including the extension's preceeding full-stop character).

  • Catch-All
  • If the extension for an item wasn't obtainable, a directory with this specified name will be created within the root destination location and the item will be placed inside of it.

    The most common reason for an item's extension not being obtainable is due to the item not actually having an extension. An extension for an item is the text that is directly after the last full-stop within an item's filename.

    • Directory Name
    • Ignore Instead
    • If the extension for an item wasn't obtainable, then enabling this option will prevent FileSieve from processing the item; it will effectively be ignored and will remain within its original source location.