Downloading FileSieve

There is a free edition of FileSieve that is available for use; it is restricted in specific ways.
Please see the Edition Comparison page for a comparison between the different versions.

Download Installer

FileSieve is available as both an installer and a portable archive; the portable version will run within its containing directory and won't write to the system - this allows FileSieve to be used from, say, a memory stick, without leaving a "footprint" on the host system.

Download Installer: click here to download installer [changelog] [pad file]
Version: 4.61, Filesize: 6.30MB, CRC: E87F889D [verify]

Download Portable: click here to download archive [changelog] [pad file]
Version: 4.61, Filesize: 6.25MB, CRC: A546D07B [verify]


To use FileSieve 4, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements.