Comparison of FileSieve Editions

Payments are accepted using PayPal.

There is 20% off the Home Edition and 30% off the Enterprise Edition!

Once you have completed the PayPal payment process, you will receive an email typically within a few minutes containing your new account information; verify the account by clicking on the verification link within the email and log into your account. Once done, you'll have access to your respective edition of FileSieve.

Ensure your account email hasn't been placed within any spam folders, and allow up to 24 hours for it to arrive. While it is unlikely it'll take more than a few minutes, please give it a bit of time due to mail servers and the like.

£0 / $0
£25 / $2820% off£20 / $22
£40 / $4430% off£28 / $31
Standard Feature Set Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Profiles Yes Yes
Unlimited Sources / Items Yes Yes
Overwrite Rules Editor Yes Yes
Copy Mode: Delete Yes Yes
System Tray Yes Yes
Import & Export Yes Yes
Backup & Restore Yes Yes
Profile Triggering Yes
Job Processing Yes
Home & Business Use Yes
Priority Email Support Yes
Download n/a n/a