A property in FileSieve automation is a value that can be changed to influence the way FileSieve automation functions.

Setting a property requires a specific syntax:

  • /set:property=value

The set command specifies that a property is being set.

The property is the actual property that's being set.

The value is the value the property should be set to. The value can be optionally enclosed in "quotes", unless there are any spaces in that value then quotes must be used.

  • FileSieve.exe /set:AutoFileDepthLimit=5

The available properties are detailed below.

  • AutoFileDepthLimit <value>on failure: automation continues
  • Changes the number of AutoFile recursions allowed. An AutoFile calling another AutoFile counts as one recursion. Doing too many recursions may cause an error; typically this value is in the hundreds but it depends on what is happening within the FileSieve automation environment.

    The default value is 10.